How to avoid nausea and vomit in early pregnancy with easy five steps.

Nausea and vomiting are very common in pregnancy. It usually happens due to increase in pregnancy hormones in the body. This post will help you to avoid nausea and vomit in your early pregnancy. This is all my personal experiences of how I avoid nausea in my pregnancy period. However, things can differ from person to person but, I am sure it will help you some way to combat your nausea.

Collage_Fotor_FotorMorning sickness can happen anytime in the day. It can happen at afternoon, night time also. For me, most of the times I always feel nausea at evening time, especially before the dinner. I feel it is because of the hunger so I eat as early as possible if I am feeling nauseous. After taking dinner, I always feel good. I want to share my experience and tips with you suggested to me by my doctor and some of them are the outcome of my research on the internet.

Here are some steps you can follow to easily avoid nausea and vomiting in your early pregnancy.

Start your day with milk with some whole grain crackers/rusk/biscuit/brown bread

avoid nausea with rusk

First of all, a pregnant woman starts her day with some whole grain crackers, biscuit, rusk or brown bread. It will help to avoid morning sickness as this thing contains complex carbs, which help in stabilizing your blood sugar and help you to keep you nausea silent. I start my day with 4 pieces of rusk and milk every day.

Eating in small amounts each one or two hours helps avoid nausea

Pregnant women should eat in small amounts in small intervals. An empty stomach can trigger nausea and go empty stomach for long hours can lead to vomiting. If we eat after a long gap chances of vomit increases. In addition to that pregnant women should avoid over-eating as well. I eat in very small amounts in every one-hour from 6 am to 12:00 am to avoid my whole day nausea.

Avoid eating things with the strong odors.

Eatables with strong odors should also be avoided. Normal food with less smell and simple taste helps in avoiding nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. There are some foods which make you feel nauseatic when you see, smell or think them. Hence, better to stay away from these foods. For me, it is garlic, onion, and arhar dal.

Avoid spicy, oily and fried foods

Deep fried, oily and spicy foods should be avoided in pregnancy. These types of foods trigger nausea and vomit and women cannot identify the reason. Furthermore, extra fats in your diet can also lead to excess weight gain during pregnancy, which increases the risk of preterm labor, c-section or gestational diabetes in a pregnant woman. If you want to eat something spicy. You can go for a moong dal papad or lemon pickle which I usually do if I feel so.

Having LOTS OF protein and simple dinner at night.

It is better to eat in less amount at night and eat as simple as you can so that you can sleep well at night. I prefer eating complex carbs and proteins at night so that it helps to combat next day morning sickness. You can have hard boiled egg, daliya, moong daal khichdi, whole grain oatmeal, dal and whole grain flour chapati can be a good meal for the night time.

Include vitamin B6 in your diet to avoid nausea and vomit

In conclusion, eating in small amounts, healthy, well-balanced food and time to time eating in pregnancy helps to fight nausea and vomiting in your pregnancy to a great extent. In addition to that including vitamin B6 in your diet can also help you combat your nausea. Some of the easily available foods containing vitamin B6 are bananas, sprouted wheat grains, green salad, cabbage, walnuts, etc. You can also talk to your doctor about vitamin b6 supplements if you have excess nausea.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope it will help you to avoid nausea and vomit in your early pregnancy. Do comment to share your way to avoid nausea and vomit. Also, let us know how to do you like this post. Like our Facebook page for new updates.

Wish you a great, smooth and happy pregnancy.

–Mommy to be- Akansha-XoXo

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