Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein Review

Hello ladies, Today you are reading a review about Patanjali hair conditioner protein which is very good conditioner I came up with.

I have lived in Delhi for two years. A few months back I came back to Rajasthan at my In-laws’ place. While I was in Rajasthan, my hairs become very dry and dull. I did many experiments on hairs either, but I was not able to stop hair fall that time. I Searched for better options to work on my hairs and improve my hair quality. Continue reading “Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein Review”

L’Oreal X-tenso Hair Masque Review

Read the review on the L’Oreal X-tenso hair masque, which can be also used as hair conditioner.

Hello, lovely girls. Last month I went to a hair salon for my haircut, and eventually, I asked the hairstylist about my dry and frizzy hair and how to manage my hair. He also said that my hair is too dry and unhealthy, then he recommended me the L’Oreal X-tenso Hair Masque. Continue reading “L’Oreal X-tenso Hair Masque Review”

Vega Paddle Brush Complete Review

Hello, lovely girls. I got this large Vega Paddle Brush from Vega premium collection  before 6 months and I am using it for  past six months. This brush is gentle on hairs and I like this brush very much so here I am writing a review for it.

Vega paddle brush

Continue reading “Vega Paddle Brush Complete Review”