My First Prenatal and Ultrasound Visit Experience In Singapore.

I came to know that I am pregnant when I missed my period on 16 December. Exciting!! I was approximately 5 weeks 2 days that time, so I had 2 more weeks for my first prenatal visit. The second thing which came up to my mind is to find a gynecologist as soon up as possible. As I was new to Singapore, I was totally unknown about everything here.

I chose my gynecologist by searching online for my first prenatal visit. Searching pregnancy forums and reviews helped me to find a suitable gynecologist for me. And finally, I found a good gynecologist, who was near to my location, experienced and under my budget. Though I  got fewer reviews, but I didn’t get any negative review about him. Instead, all reviews were good and satisfactory. First prenatal visit

I was jumpy for my first prenatal visit and very excited to see my baby first time. According to my last LMP, I was 7 weeks+4 days on 7 January. So I took an appointment on 7 Jan, finding this date better for my prenatal visit. However, things do not result in the same as I thought.

My first prenatal visit WITH Running UTI.

I was told there to hold my urine for a better scan picture of the baby. I had a running urinary tract infection that time. It was just impossible for me to hold my urine for long. My appointment was at 10:45 but they told me to wait for half an hour. I nearly waited up to 11.:45 for my turn.

Meanwhile, I went to pass urine thrice and I was a given a full glass of water to drink by the nurse. She weighed me and measured my blood pressure and then gave me a form. I write some of my basic details. When I went in my doctor room, I was hardly able to hold my urine. First of all, Doctor asked me basics about my last period date and my pregnancy confirmation test.

After that, I asked him to do the ultrasound as soon as possible because I was not able to hold and about to cry of my urine pressure. I was expecting him to do a transvaginal scan as it is my first prenatal and also at 7 weeks+4 days, but he did an abdominal scan. I didn’t ask the reason of doing an abdominal scan and assumed that they may not have a transvaginal ultrasound facility.

you are only 5week+6 days pregnant ??

When he starts taking the ultrasound, his first statement was “you are only 5week+6 days pregnant”. I was wondering that how it is possible, but doctors said that might be I ovulated late this cycle. I was not at all worried that time.

Then the doctor told me that he can only see the gestational sac and not anything else, like a baby. He also told me that the bladder is not full of urine so I would have to wait some time more for a better scan. I told him that just can not hold for more. So my doctor decides to scan the baby next time when I would clear my UTI and would be able to hold my urine perfectly. I was totally ok with that.

no Blood work at MY FIRST PRENATAL VISIt.

The doctor didn’t even tell me about the heartbeat that he found or not. I am sure there was no heart rate to check as it was early, but I don’t know if he tried or not. Even there was no blood work like HCG level so I don’t know till date, that’s what was my HCG level in my pregnancy.

When I came back home and just searched on the internet. I found both positive and negative, but the main scary thing I got was that many women who just seen a gestational sac, at their first prenatal visit and diagnosed with bloated ovum and end up into a DNC or a natural miscarriage. I became worried and tensed for my pregnancy and the whole day I keep on searching things over the internet.

My doctor called me after 2 weeks but I took an appointment after 4 weeks as I wanted my baby to grow to a good size and then there will be no doubt. Because it happened with a number of women that after the first prenatal visit, the doctor couldn’t able to find the baby in the second scan also and finally they saw the baby in the 3rd scan. It could have increased my stress, so I dropped the idea of visiting after two weeks, which could be too early again with an abdominal ultrasound.

some reasons to me to stay positive.

The next day I thought with a calm mind and decide to stay positive up to next scan. I gave some positive reasons to me to stay positive throughout the period up to my next scan.

  • First of all, I had a UTI and my bladder was not completely full.
  • The second was that my doctor did not seem to be worried at all.
  • The third, I was totally fine at my health and no negative sign at all till then.
  • Fourth and last that, though the doctor told me he could not see the baby, I could see something in the scan which I identify as the baby.

first prenantal visit

At last, my conscience was telling me that nothing can happen to my baby. After that, I educate myself regarding pregnancy, so that I can discuss everything with my doctor and can ask if something on my mind. There is no point if you search things and get to know the thing after things have happened like my first prenatal visit.

I stay calm throughout the month and expected positive results. I keep concentrating on my pregnancy so that I can give a better growth to my baby. As the time passed, we become more positive as my pregnancy was going so smooth and no sign of any negativity at all.

I will post soon about my second prenatal and ultrasound visit.

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Wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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