How To Celebrate First Valentine Day With Your New Born

So it is your first valentine day with your newborn baby. You guys may be wondering, how to make this day romantic and memorable. The relation between a couple takes a temporary turn after having a baby. Having a baby is full of joy and happiness, but things are little different now. We can’t stay away with the other side of it where we have to give more time to our baby then each other. It becomes difficult to spend more time alone together after a baby, as the baby becomes our first priority.
First valentine day with newborn
A baby when comes in the life of a couple give a huge number of laughs and emotional moments to parents. But on the other side, it also increased small hot moments and arguments between the parents. It is due to increased responsibility after becoming parents. Especially if you are living in a nuclear family and all responsibility of the baby is over the parents.
Every couple has their own way to celebrate this special day. And I also have had some good suggestions for the couple with a baby.
This post is all about how can you celebrate a good memorable first valentine day with your newborn, and making it a romantic date to remember forever. After all, it also your baby’s first valentine day.

Here are some ideas you can do on the first valentine day with your newborn

Invite your couple friends with babies at your home

You can invite your friends who have newborn or babies to celebrate the first valentine day of your babies together. You can play games and enjoy healthy snacks and drinks together to bang the day.

Cook together at home and have a candle light dinner

If you love cooking and it has been long since you have cooked together. You can cook on the first valentine day with your newborn. You can make a heart shape pizza with your favorite toppings over it lined in the way of first letters of your names. you can also bake a heart shaped cake for your party night. For your baby, you can make a heart shape banana cake.

Go for a destination photo shoot on first valentine day with the newborn.

You can also go for a photo shoot on the first valentine day with your baby to make the day memorable for three of you. Get some ideas on the net about the photo shoot ideas with a baby and go with friends together and can shoot for each other or you can hire a professional photographer if your pocket allows you. This will give you a double enjoyment of photo shoots and hang on with your family.

Cuddle together on a couch and watch a romantic movie with snacks

You can watch a romantic movie while your baby is sleeping. Romantic movies can give you many moments to feel together. Romantic movies turned you more closer to each other at the moments. You can also talk related to your misunderstanding or your special moments after the movie. It will strengthen your bonding and you can spend a good time together at home.

Watch old albums and scrapbooks to remember and revive old days

You can also spend some of your hours watching old albums and videos of you together to remember all good time till you have spent together. you can cherish a good time spend together and feel close and affectionate on this special day.
Valentine day is a day of love, romance, and affection. A couple with a newborn should definitely celebrate this day to bring some love and romantic moments back to life after since the baby born. Leave all tiredness, stress, and arguments behind and spend more and more time with each other.
Thanks for reading my blog. I hope it will help you to celebrate the first valentine day with your newborn baby. Do comment to share your way of celebrating valentine day with your baby. Let us know how to do you like this post. Like our acebook page for new updates.
Wish you a great first valentine day with your baby.

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