When I Got The Big News – Am I Pregnant ??

When I Got The Big News – Am I Pregnant ??

Becoming mother is really a big fantasy in every women’s life. I didn’t feel it before, but today I would say that my life would be incomplete if I won’t get this luck. Exactly I don’t remember when I got interested in pregnancy, but when it happened I could not wait in peace. I want to become a mommy as soon as I could. But, on the other hand, this is something which can not be totally in our hands.

Am I pregnant

Just praying and wishing will never give this moment of happiness, you have to try a lot, and for that, you have to live together, my gyne told me this. I couldn’t live with my husband for a very long period due to some personal reasons. In addition to that, I was so busy with other things in my life that I was not able to endeavor. And the most important, God wanted me to wait a bit more for my beautiful peanut to come in our life.

On 3rd of December, I came back to Singapore from India with my husband after almost a month. I was so tired that day that as soon we reach home, I just went to bed after a lunch. I didn’t prepare the lunch, but I got from India for my trip. After I wake up in the evening, prepared a light dinner and again I went to sleep till next morning. That day, whatever I did was eating and sleeping.

My trip to India the marriage of my brother’s marriage. I went to India on 7 of Nov. while my husband came on 19 Nov. The time in India went from my hands as we both were with our families after a long time. We enjoyed a lot in marriage and after I got busy in some shopping before we take off for Singapore. I remember I told my hubby during my return trip that we have to have a baby in 2017.

On 4rth of November, we went for some grocery shopping after lunch. We return about 4 pm so energy-less and completely lethargic. I was very happy after we came back from India as here I am with husband and we get more time to spend with each other.

But something was different this time. I was not that energetic like always, and I was spending more of my time sleeping. My body was aching like hell these days it was getting worse day by day.

On one side, I thought it may be my PMS and showing some additional symptoms this time on another side, I thought that it may be due to the enjoyment and dance I did in the marriage. But I didn’t think at all that am I pregnant or not?

My period date as close, but my AF was not showing up, so I thought I may be due to the lemon which I started taking in the morning. My AF is usually very punctual and does not delay like this. On the second thought, I was thinking that I was getting my menopause and that’s why I was that much sick.  I don’t know why I had that dumb thought, maybe because there was no chance of conceiving this time.😕😕

Day by day my cramps were getting bad, I waited for my AF to visit me. On 21 August I couldn’t sleep due to my body pain whole night. When I woke up in morning, I was feeling very low and emotional. I told my husband to not go to work as the whole day I feel so alone and sick. My husband just couldn’t take a leave as he had already taken so many leaves for India trip. He just helped me in my work and left for his work.

In the daytime, I was chatting to my friend and she told me to that I may be pregnant and I should wait for some days and then I should go for the pregnancy test. I was thinking to visit a doctor as I was feeling very sick, but want to make sure that I am not pregnant and my period are delayed due to some weird cause. My tension got increased that why my periods are not showing, and what new problem I am going to face now.

I was thinking to visit a doctor as I was feeling very sick, but want to make sure that I am not pregnant and my period got delayed due to some weird cause. My tension got increased that why my periods are not showing, and what new problem I am going to face now.

I asked my hubby to get a pregnancy test for me in the evening so that we can clear the doubt of pregnancy and further we can consult the doctor to find the main cause.

My hubby was damn sure that I am not pregnant. But being a good husband, he didn’t try to explain me anything and he just got me one pregnancy test from Watsons in the evening.

And the time came- Am I Pregnant ??

As soon as he gave me the test I went to the toilet to take my pregnancy test and did the test. I was shocked to see that both the control and the test line were clearly visible. That time I knew that if you are pregnant than both the test line shows, but though I was not expecting a pregnancy, I went back to the table I got the instruction paper which came with the test to see that I got a positive or a negative result. hahaha….

I saw that I got a positive, I was screaming and calling my hubby to see the results. I told him that it is positive and he was shocked and happy. He replied with surprise “Really !! or are you joking” and I just burst into tears of happiness. He just came and hugged me tightly. He was screaming with happiness and just congratulated me.

am i pregnanttt

It was really a great moment for both of us. I was still thinking “really !! Am I pregnant ??”

That was a day in my life I will never be able to forget. I was already in love with my baby. We called our parents to share our big news.

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Happy pregnancy. Baby dust to all.

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