Review of Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural

Hello, Girls. Today I am reviewing Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural. These strips can be used at home to remove hairs easily and less time. Going to a beauty salon every time become a little difficult in today’s busy schedule and the monthly cost of a salon has also become a problem.
so we prefer to do most of our stuff at home only. Wax strips are easy to use at home.

I went to the local market to buy some other cosmetics product where i saw these wax strips. I have been using Veet hair removing strips since a long time but these were new to me so i thought to give it a try.

Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips - Natural
Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural

About Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural

These pre-coated, ready to use wax strips are available in eight variants. Hip hop also providing facial wax strips  and bikini and underarm wax strips except for body wax kit.

  • Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural, Strawberry, Green tea, Chocolate
  • Hip hop Facial Wax Strip – Orange, Pink, Normal
  • Hip hop Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips
Review of Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural 
Hiphop wax strips
Hiphop wax strips

Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural pack contains 10 wax strips (i.e, pairs of 5 strips) with a two pack of After Depil Towellete. The ingredients are gum, wax and argon oil.

After Depil Towelette
After Depil Towelette

These strips are good to use and one strip can be used 3 to 4 times. The strips can also be cut as well, to be used to remove small patches of hairs. I used all five pairs of strips for both of my hands. These strips do not give a perfect finish like salon wax and left small tiny hairs behind. The one sachet of After Depil Towellete contains two towels, wet with argon oil. These are sufficient for both hands to be wiped after the wax. These towels leave skin moist and clean.

Price – INR 75 for 10 strips (pairs of 5 strips )and INR 150 for 20 strips (pairs of 10 strips )

Direction for use Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural 

First of all, rub the wax strip between both the palms for 30 seconds. Now peel the strips apart to separate them. Then apply wax surface of the strip on the skin and press it lightly from back. Finally, pull back the strip firmly in opposite direction of hair growth. At last, wipe your skin with After Depil Towelette given with the pack.

  • Easy to use, no mess.
  • Nice fragrance.
  • Argon oil has been used in towelette which is  good for skin after wax as it prevents dryness and fights acne.
  • Do not remove all hairs at once and leaves tiny hairs behind.

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