Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes Review

Read the review of Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes, which can also be use for make up removal


Hello, lovely girls. Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes can be used  for your makeup removal or dirt removal from your face. It is very soft and gentle for your skin and addition to that it is handy and u can keep always with you.

How I got the Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes

I went to buy any of good wet wipes, but I could get only one, i.e. Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes so I buy these wipes thinking of giving it a try.

Johnson's Baby Skin Care Wipes
Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes

Here I am writing a review for it for you.  I have been trying it for this whole week and I am fully satisfied with this product, this product can be used as makeup removal or dirt removal. These wipes also kill germs along with wiping dirt. I only use these wipes for dirt removal on a long hectic day. Since I have to travel for minimum 2 hours daily, so a lot of dirt and pollution particles got accumulate on my skin.
Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes are good to wipe all the dirt and pollution at once from your skin and finally it leaves a moist and smooth skin.


 35 INR for 10 wipes


  • Cleans your skin perfectly, removes all dirt and oil at once.
  • It can also be used as a good makeup removal tissue.
  • It leaves the skin soft, smooth, moist and clean.
  • Nice cute pink packing, very handy and easy to use.
  • Easily available
  • Nice fragrance


  • I don’t feel any cons related the product because it is for baby use.
  • For facial use, a little bigger wipe will work much better, so  that it can cover the whole face and neck area.

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