How to avoid nausea and vomit in early pregnancy with easy five steps.

Nausea and vomiting are very common in pregnancy. It usually happens due to increase in pregnancy hormones in the body. This post will help you to avoid nausea and vomit in your early pregnancy. This is all my personal experiences of how I avoid nausea in my pregnancy period. However, things can differ from person to person but, I am sure it will help you some way to combat your nausea.

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Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal vs. Normal kajal

Hello, Gorgeous Girls,  Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal has been launched by Maybelline NewYork a few months back. I got it three months back. Here I am writing its review, comparing it with the old Maybelline Colossal Kajal.


I usually don’t wear kajal as it smudges around my eyes always in just 3-4 hours but I am always fascinated towards dark black kajal eyes. Continue reading “Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal vs. Normal kajal”

How to do Hair Spa At Home for Healthy, Shiny, Lustrous and Strong Hair.

Hello, GorgeousToday I am sharing my way of doing a hair spa at home. 

Who does not want shiny, smooth, healthy and frizz free hair, but going to a salon for a hair spa sometimes hectic and sometimes costly too. Doing Hair spa At Home, we can nourish our hair at home using all easily available ingredients. It will surely save our time, money and our hair from harsh chemicals which are used in cosmetics. If we want shiny, healthy and beautiful hair we definitely have to give time and attention to our hair. Continue reading “How to do Hair Spa At Home for Healthy, Shiny, Lustrous and Strong Hair.”

Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein Review

Hello ladies, Today you are reading a review about Patanjali hair conditioner protein which is very good conditioner I came up with.

I have lived in Delhi for two years. A few months back I came back to Rajasthan at my In-laws’ place. While I was in Rajasthan, my hairs become very dry and dull. I did many experiments on hairs either, but I was not able to stop hair fall that time. I Searched for better options to work on my hairs and improve my hair quality. Continue reading “Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein Review”

Review of Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural

Hello, Girls. Today I am reviewing Hiphop Hair Removing Wax Strips – Natural. These strips can be used at home to remove hairs easily and less time. Going to a beauty salon every time become a little difficult in today’s busy schedule and the monthly cost of a salon has also become a problem.
so we prefer to do most of our stuff at home only. Wax strips are easy to use at home.

I went to the local market to buy some other cosmetics product where i saw these wax strips. I have been using Veet hair removing strips since a long time but these were new to me so i thought to give it a try.

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Skin and Hair care on Holi festival

Holi is a festival of joy, music, colors and sweets, and we just cannot imagine Holi without sweets and colors. So it is also important to  protect our skin and hair from harmful chemicals in the colors. Here in this post, I am writing some tips to take HOLI.LOcare of our skin and hairs while playing Holi.So that we can enjoy our festival without any hesitation and obstacle. Continue reading “Skin and Hair care on Holi festival”

Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes Review

Read the review of Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes, which can also be use for make up removal


Hello, lovely girls. Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes can be used  for your makeup removal or dirt removal from your face. It is very soft and gentle for your skin and addition to that it is handy and u can keep always with you.

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