Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein Review

Hello ladies, Today you are reading a review about Patanjali hair conditioner protein which is very good conditioner I came up with.

I have lived in Delhi for two years. A few months back I came back to Rajasthan at my In-laws’ place. While I was in Rajasthan, my hairs become very dry and dull. I did many experiments on hairs either, but I was not able to stop hair fall that time. I Searched for better options to work on my hairs and improve my hair quality.In spite, I was using another hair conditioner since a long time yet I took into account of using some other conditioner because my previous conditioner was no more working well on my hairs in the dry climate.

how i got PATANJALI HAIR CONDITIONER PROTEINpatanjali hair conditioner protein

First of all, let me tell you how I got it. I went to Patanjali store with my husband to buy some stuff and there I saw different Patanjali hair care products . I saw many variants of Patanjali hair conditioners. Since I move also suffering from hair fall, I consider the conditioner with protein could help me to fight my hair fall and dryness as well.

Finally, I decided to switch to Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein.


  • Damage Control
  • Olive Almond
  • Colour Protection

ABOUT Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein

This conditioner is enriched with milk protein, chickpea (Cicer arietinum), Bhringraj(Eclipta Alba), Aloe vera(Aloe barbadensis) & almond oil (Prunus amygdalus).patanjali hair conditioner protein

Indications: Helpful in dryness, the roughness of hair. Provide conditioning for dry and damaged hair, restore hair growth and make hair shiny, soft and strong.

Shelf life: One year.
Price: INR 60 for 100 grams.


The conditioner comes in a flip top tube packaging . It is very nice, handy and travel-friendly too.

I take out coined size amount of the conditioner on my palm, after my hair bath. Then I apply it on my hairs in direction of tips of hair to roots. I always apply first in my tails and then i move towards the head. I massage my hairs gently for a minute and leave for 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, we can do any other thing in spite of wasting our time.

After 3-5 minutes I rinse it off with water in the shower. I find it remove easily from hairs in 2 minutes and do not need much water to get removed. My hairs feel super soft when I wash it off. I tap wipe my hairs with a dry towel and let my hairs naturally dry.


My hairs become more manageable, soft and little more shiny. I love its fragrance which can be felt in hairs for good two days (I don’t need more since I wash my hairs every alternate day). However, my hairs didn’t stop falling after 15 days of using Patanjali hair conditioner protein but my hair increase shine and softness and in addition my hair dryness problems were also solved.  I continue using it for more 15 days and consequently, my hairs gradually stopped falling. So, I would like to continue it because I like this conditioner so much. It solved my hairs problems almost pretty far.

I find it pocket-friendly because it is not too pricey. Furthermore, I am also looking forward to using other variants of Patanjali conditioner as well.


  • Hairs become smooth and shiny.
  • Travel-friendly tube packaging
  • Stop hair fall.
  • contain natural ingredients, no chemicals.
  • Price worthy,


  • No cons I feel.

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