Twenty Five Commonly used Pregnancy Abbreviations -Every women must know

Today I am going to share some of the most commonly used pregnancy abbreviations. If you are women, you must know some of these periods and pregnancy abbreviations. These are generally used over the internet in online forums, mommy blogs, women blogs, and also used in daily conversations among women and doctors also.

There are lots of pregnancy abbreviations, but I am going to talk about some important abbreviation which you can understand first and then I will post some others also. Here in this post I am not only going to give the abbreviations but also try to include some description for a better understanding.

pregnacny abbreviations

Below are the most common pregnancy abbreviations every woman must know.

1. TTC – trying to conceive (pregnancy abbreviations)

When you are not pregnant and trying to get pregnant. Generally, you say “I am TTC” if you planning a baby. It was the first abbreviation that I learned when I was trying to be a mommy. It is most commonly used pregnancy abbreviations

2. af- aunt Flo (menstrual periods)

The menstrual period is also known as Aunt Flo. I don’t know the specific reason but I think it is a code word if we are talking in a crowd or in front of small children.

AFNW: Aunt Flo Not Wanted

AFSA: Aunt Flo Stay Away

In pregnancy, no one wants an Aunt Flo to visit them. Everyone wants aunt flo to stay away from them.

3. oing- ovulating

Ovulation means releasing of the egg from the ovary. if there is a release of an egg from ovary it means women is ovulating. Generally, you say “I am OING today”

4. LH- luteinizing hormone.

Before ovulation in a woman’s body, there is an increase in the Luteinizing hormone which is called as the LH-Surge.

5. OPK/OPT -ovulation predictor kit/ovulation predictor

When you are trying to conceive a baby, you need to know your ovulation dates. If you try more on those days, when you are ovulating, it increases the chances of pregnancy. There are a number of ovulation predictor tests available in the market to determine you pregnancy dates.

OPK(ovulation predictor kits) detects the surge of luteinizing hormone in women before ovulation and helps to identify the fertile period of women. In India, easily available OPK are I-Know and PREGAPLAN.

6. BBT: Basal Body Temperature

Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature of the body, which is taken in the morning when we awake from sleep. In women, BBT changes increase ovulation. Therefore, if a record is kept of daily BBT, it can help in detecting ovulation period easily

7. BD – baby dance (intercourse /sex)

When the couple makes out, especially for a baby-making, then the term used is Baby Dance. Another abbreviation used for this is BMS -Baby Making Sex


These are days past your ovulation days. Ovulation takes places in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If you keep a record of the symptoms of your DPO, you can easily and early detect your pregnancy symptoms when you will get pregnant. Because if you know your DPO symptoms, you will easily feel the difference and can early detect your pregnancy before a missed period. Period cramps is a common DPO symptom.

 9. PMS -Premenstrual Syndrome

Some women experience specific symptoms before periods which are known as PMS. Common PMS  symptoms are cramps, breast tenderness, fatigue, emotions, and anxiety.

10. LMP: Last Menstrual Period or Last Missed Period

It is the date of last menstrual period.

11. HPT: Home Pregnancy Test

A test which detects the pregnancy hormone HCG in urine and can be done at Home. Preganews and i sure are easily available test in India

12. FMU- First Morning Urine

First-morning urine is generally high in pregnancy hormone HCG and the pregnancy detection possibility is higher.

13. POAS -Pee on a Stick (Pregnancy Test)

A woman who wants to do a pregnancy test has to urinate on the pregnancy stick.

14. Baby Dust – Good Luck

Generally, women wish good luck to conceive a baby to another woman by saying “Baby Dust to you”


If a woman is trying for many months and the pregnancy is really long awaiting. and the pregnancy test results in a positive result, the abbreviation used is BFP – Big Fat Positive. I indicate big, fat happiness for the mother since she got pregnant after a lot of trying. I got my BFP on 21 Dec 2016 and I was very happy. Hope you get you soon. Read my story here.

pregnancy abbreviations


If a woman is trying for many months and still the pregnancy test results in a negative result, the abbreviation used is BFN – Big Fat Negative. A BFN is very common and it does not mean that there is some problem. Sometimes, some women take more time to conceive then others.

pregnancy abbreviations

17. FTM: First Time Mom

A woman who conceived for the first time and going to become a mommy, first time. FTM generally has more queries on the online forums as the needs advice from already mommies. I am also FTM.

18. WBD – weeks by dates (by LMP)

This refers the number of weeks of a pregnancy by LMP date. You can calculate your WBD from last menstrual period date to the current date of pregnancy. For example, if you are pregnant on 9 Feb and you LMP is 1 Jan, then your WBD should be 5 weeks 4 days.

19. FHR: Fetal Heart Rate

Fetal Heart Rate is the heart rate of the baby in the womb. Fetal heart rate changes in starting 12 weeks and then it reduces to 130bpm up to full term.

6-7 WEEK FHR      90-110 bpm

8-10 WEEK FHR-     110-150 bpm

11 -12  WEEK FHR-   140- 180 bpm

20.EDD: Estimated Due Date or Expected Date of Delivery

The date of baby delivery, when the labor is expected to occur. You can calculate your EDD by adding 280 days to the LMP date. It sometimes changes due to late ovulation.

21.GA – gestational age

It is the duration of pregnancy, that’s how many weeks a woman is pregnant.

22. CS – Cesarean Section (C-SECTION)

When the baby is delivered surgically by making an incision in the woman’s abdomen.

23. VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section

When women give birth to a baby naturally through the vagina in her second pregnancy, while her first was a cesarean delivery.

24. FT: Full Time

When pregnancy is about to over and your delivery is near. a pregnancy is considered as a full term from 37 weeks, but it may last up to 42 weeks.

25. ADN: Any Day Now

It is the last of all pregnancy abbreviations. If you have entered the full term and if the baby has developed baby can come any day now.

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