My Second prenatal and Ultrasound Visit Experience

My second prenatal visit was scheduled on 4th Feb. and according to my LMP, I was 11 weeks 4 days that time.  My biggest fear of the day was will I see my baby or not. The reason was that my pregnancy was measuring 10 days behind in my previous and first prenatal visit. My gynecologist could only see a gestational sac due to my incomplete filled bladder, and I was scared of a bloated ovum.

After my first prenatal scan, I was very scared in the beginning, but I try to stay positive and calm throughout the month and expected positive results of my second prenatal visit. I keep concentrating on my pregnancy so that I can give a better growth to my baby.

Second prenatal and Ultrasound Visit


When the day came, I got nervous and was literally praying for a good result. I was sitting and waiting for my turn. I didn’t completely fill my bladder this time because I could not hold my urine for more time. The waiting time is also approximately one hour.

My doctor himself asked to take the ultrasound first, so I agree. As soon as he started scanning, he said:  “So here, it’s your baby”. I felt so relaxed when I heard these words. He was just jumping and kicking. I saw his limbs were moving and he was wriggling everywhere in my belly. The doctor told me that your baby is measuring 11 weeks. I was so calm with this because last time he was ten days behind on the first scan.


Second prenatal and Ultrasound Visit

I was expecting this measurement as my menstrual cycle is 32 days long, So I know that I would not ovulate 14th or 15th day of my cycle. And ItI must have ovulated around 20th day, and this gestational age is perfect according to it. I hope my baby stick with these dates all throughout my pregnancy.


Then doctor checked the heartbeat of my baby it was 181 bpm. I asked if it is normal as it is going beyond the range of maximum 180 bpm. He ensured me that it is totally normal. I was Feeling very calm after seeing that everything was normal and very happy to see my baby first time. He was very active and playing in my womb.

My doctor adds some more antibiotics this time like Iron, Calcium, and DHA. Since I have started taking this tablet I have completely lost my hunger. But I try to eat the required amount of food.


I went for my blood and urine test on 11 Feb for Hemoglobin, HIV, UTI, Rh factor, STDs, Protein in urine etc. All results seem normal to me, but it will be discussed with the doctor in the third prenatal visit.

Second prenatal and Ultrasound Visit second prenatal-1
Second prenatal and Ultrasound Visit

I will post soon about my Oscar Scan at Thomson Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Singapore.

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