Skin and Hair care on Holi festival

Holi is a festival of joy, music, colors and sweets, and we just cannot imagine Holi without sweets and colors. So it is also important to  protect our skin and hair from harmful chemicals in the colors. Here in this post, I am writing some tips to take HOLI.LOcare of our skin and hairs while playing Holi.So that we can enjoy our festival without any hesitation and obstacle.

Holi colors contain a number of harmful chemicals, which can result in serious skin conditions like extreme redness, eczema, redness, blisters, and skin flakes. Here are some tips to minimize the harmful effect while playing Holi colors.

Precautions before playing Holi

  1. Apply oil to both your skin and scalp, before playing with colors. Mustard, coconut, castor or olive oil are best recommended.
  2.  Apply waterproof sunscreen of SPF 30-45 before going out in the sun, to protect sunburn.
  3.  Drink lots of water, juices or other liquids, to keep yourself well hydrated whole day. lots of water and juices.
  4. Cover your hairs with a scarf to protect them from harsh colors.
  5. Wear cotton clothes which dry easily. Avoid heavy outfits like denim.

Precautions post-playing Holi

  1. Deeply cleanse your hair with a good shampoo and condition them as well. Apply a homemade hair mask of yogurt and egg to avoid dryness in hairs.
  2. Use cleansing milk to clean the colors, excess soap can be harsh. Well moisturizes your skin after a bath.
  3. A homemade cleanser can also be made, to clean the skin like Gram flour + Yogurt.
  4. Another mask of turmeric + gram flour + glycerin paste can also help to remove colors
  5. Do not rub skin vigorously to remove colors or do not wash it again and again , it will make the skin dry.

Note :  These tips are just to share. I have posted this as per my experience.  No one related to this website is responsible for any kind of damage.

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