Vega Paddle Brush Complete Review

Hello, lovely girls. I got this large Vega Paddle Brush from Vega premium collection  before 6 months and I am using it for  past six months. This brush is gentle on hairs and I like this brush very much so here I am writing a review for it.

Vega paddle brush


About Vega paddle brush

Vega premium collection has a lot of hair brush model. This paddle brush is large wide and square in shape and made up of ceramic and most noteworthy it has long ball tipped nylon hair bristles onto an air cushion bed.

Vega Paddle Brush
Vega Paddle Brush

These bristles help in releasing and spreading the hair oil or sebum from roots to throughout the hair lengths, in addition giving them extra shine and smoothness. The ball tips help to massage the scalp as well. A paddle brush is perfect for all hair types and texture.



INR 290 (I got this in just INR 265)

How i got Vega paddle brush

I used to watch YouTube and I saw many YouTubers are using the paddle brush and I thought of buying this paddle brush just to give it a try. Yet I have never thought that I would like this brush that much but finally I like this brush a lot.

Vega Paddle Brush

Vega Paddle Brush

It is very smooth on my hairs and also gives them a straight appearance very fast. It also easily detangles my hairs and so I would prefer paddle brush rather using normal combs.



Vega Paddle Brush
Vega Paddle Brush
Pros –
  • Very smooth on hairs and detangles hairs easily.
  • Straighten hair fast, add shine to hairs.
  • Comfortable handle design for easy gripping.
  • Ideal for every type of hairs.
  • It has a good quality plastic.
  • It is a good gift to be gifted to your friends on their anniversaries
Cons –
  • Not travel-friendly since large in size.
  • Hairs get stuck in the brush while brushing.
  • Difficult to clean due to stuck hairs.

How to clean the brush

  • First of all, remove the hairs from the brush (try to remove hairs after every use.)
  • Furthermore, wash the brush with lukewarm water and shampoo. And let it dry.
  • Rinse it in solution for 30 seconds and finally, wash it.

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