She Also Dreams- Women’s Day Special

Hello, pretty Women. Happy Women’s Day.

The woman is the beautiful, strongest creation of God. A Woman is respectful, strong and charming. Women’s Day is celebrated internationally on March 8 of every year.

HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY Do we celebrate Women’s Day in A correct manner

It is celebrated to pay tribute, respect and show regard to women’s contributions across the globe. It has been celebrated since 1909 (approximately since 100 years).

A number of women are there who did appreciable things in their life, but in our society, most of the women are not able to live an independent life.

Women’s day is not about awarding gifts, doing party, celebration, giving just wishes to each other. It is about to remembering once more about the strength of the woman, giving her own life to her and ask her about her wishes about life.

In our society today, the woman is treated not so fair as she treats others. A woman is not allowed to live her life as she wishes and even not for herself. A Woman is not allowed to live her life her own way.

She has to spend the most period of her life serving her family and still, she is not being treated as she must be. Her life is loaded with lots of illogical rules, customs, and culture of society and religion. A Woman has to sacrifice all her life all her smiles, all her dreams to follow these rules.

Some have to work much harder to get their dreams. Some have to forget their dreams, some are ignored about their dreams, and some are not allowed to dream. Woman spend her whole day with the family and could not get a little time for her own, still, other family members are complaining and finding problems in pity things.

what should we do this women’s day

We people always want to run for our dreams. To reach to our aims as early as possible and most of us use the shortest path. We shorten our path by using the paths of her aims and dreams.

This mindset should be changed and ladies should also be given the freedom to follow her dreams. A lady should be given her own time to let her do whatever she wants to do for herself like everyone and moreover to think for herself. She should not be loaded with illogical rules, customs of society because sometimes these become the main hindrance of her happiness. A Woman should also be respected as a person.

Doing a little for them, in comparison of all that our Mother, Sister, Wife or Daughter have been doing for us since long would be a real celebration of this Women’s Day.


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  1. When a woman refused to think about fulfilling the expectations of others from her, she can grow in her life.

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